Under the guidance of a renowned expert in old-world masonry and lime plastering, Hess Pumice formulated natural plaster products that put the strength, durability and beauty of the old-world masters in the capable hands of today’s masons and plasterers.

LimeStrong Pro applying lime pozzolan plaster on a historic home renovation

LimeStrong: Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the cost (roughly) for an Installed LimeStrong finish? Installed cost of a LimeStrong finish (1/2 – 3/4 inch thickness) is roughly five dollars a square foot (does not include surface preparation). Venetian-style artisan and tadelakt-type finishes can run twice that.

How do I get a sample? Samples of all three grades can be ordered online in 2.5 pouches to 20 lbs boxes.

What LimeStrong grades are available? We produce two build grades—Rusticus (coarse) and Classicus (finish).

Is LimeStrong a Portland cement + lime product? No. Unlike a tweaked-up cement-lime products (lime is added to amplify ease-of-use and increase performance), LimeStrong eschews the use of Portland cement and heavy sand altogether. LimeStrong is formulated with lightweight pumice aggregate and fine pumice pozzolan, realizing every performance and usability gain while completely avoiding the cement-sand problems. LimeStrong is most accurately classified as an Artificial Hydraulic Lime (AHL) product.

What is the difference between AHL and NHL plasters? LimeStrong is a lime-pozzolan product which uses the natural adhesive property of hydrated (slaked lime) and the cementitious chemical bonding reaction introduced by pumice pozzolan to create a long-lived, flexible, self-healing finish. This deliberate pairing of hydrated lime with a reactive pumice pozzolan creates an Artificial Hydraulic Lime (AHL) product.

Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL) products are mined from very specific lime deposits (typically European) that have been naturally infiltrated with the minerals (mainly silica) that provide the necessary hydraulic properties needed to produce a durable cured finish.

Technically speaking, how does the Lime-meets-Pozzolan magic happen? See the Technical Data information on the About LimeStrong Plaster page.

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Limestrong is a product of Hess Pumice

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